By Martin Rickman
October 06, 2013

Antwan Goodley (Rod Aydelotte/AP)Antwan Goodley had seven catches for 170 yards and a touchdown in Baylor's rout of West Virginia. (Rod Aydelotte/AP)

Each week, Campus Union will delve into the fun, the weird and the wacky of college football with a series called Between The Hashes. It’s a way to decompress from the madness of the week, and to find a few things that you might have missed.

We still haven't had our big upset week. And we came ever so close in Week 6, with Auburn beating Ole Miss, Notre Dame beating Arizona State and Ohio State, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Stanford, Georgia and UCLA all receiving scares. Adversity works in two ways, and either these teams will continue to thrive, or the fallout is coming. But you're not here to talk about football. You're here to see the fun behind the football. So why deny you of the pleasures that entails?

October football gets people moving around some

Dancing is great. So is high-fiving and hanging out and spending time with friends. Football players do that, and so do football fans. We saw a lot of that this week. From the LSU fan who just wanted to get down, to Tennessee bros bouncing around, to those Baylor dancing Bears. And seriously, how much fun  is this Baylor team right now? They are playing a movie version of football, they're having a blast and a lot of the nation is either buying in like this is some sort of Major League situation or attempting to find ludicrous ways to discredit what they've done so far. Sure, the Bears might lose sooner or later, but who cares right now? Enjoy this. Life is short and these moments are precious. Savor them.

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But the Bears weren't the only ones "getting down" (dancing term). Alabama's majorettes did too.

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This week in crowds

Okay, guys. It was cute in week one or week two, but let's please go to games, especially if your team is probably going to make a bowl game. Lots of people out there don't have football. And soon enough even we won't have football, and we'll have to watch baseball again or something. Do you remember how you felt when that happened? Do you?

Indiana, do better.

Sometimes stats do tell the story

It's not really fair to do this to Iowa and Michigan State because eventually 40 points were scored, but for a little bit there, it was looking rough.

Weather, weather, everywhere

We don't have a 2012 situation on our hands or anything, but the weather was being a real jerk this week. It snowed in Utah a little bit:

It rained in a lot of other places, like Northwestern and Bowling Green:

And Akron:

You've got a friend...

There's a nice, friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) rivalry between Virginia and Virginia Tech. They say the friend of an enemy is a friend, and since Ball State was playing Virginia this week, the Hokies showed their support for the Cardinals.

Guess it worked. Ball State won 48-27 in Charlottesville.

Quote of the Week

A crowded field this week, so let's let the words speak for themselves.

But the winner this week goes to Georgia coach Mark Richt, who has some kind of weird not-good Benjamin Button thing going on.

Whether Richt is time traveling or speed aging, he just needs to slow down. The last thing we need is a three-point Georgia loss against Missouri leading to an 80-year-old Richt next week.

Bonus points assessed to the entire Paul Rhoads press conference post Iowa State's loss to Texas on Thursday.


Les Miles Honorary Coaching Decision of the Week

The Hat wanted to be a part of this, this week, so he threw his hat in the ring jumped into the fold.

But honors this week go to Kansas coach Charlie Weis, whose fake punt call at his own 17 was a complete and utter disaster. Kansas football :(

The Ricky Dobbs All-Stars

Here comes the stats traiiiiinnnnnnnnn.

Baylor's offense (again): 73 points, eight rushing touchdowns, 864 yards of total offense in 73-42 win vs. West Virginia (Lache Seastrunk had 172 yards and two TDs, Bryce Petty was 17-of-25 with 347 yards and three total scores, and Antwan Goodley had seven catches for 170 yards and one touchdown).

FSU QB Jameis Winston: 23-of-32, 393 passing yards, five TDs, 24 rush yards in 63-0 win vs. Maryland

NIU RB Cameron Stingily: 37 rushes, 266 yards, two TDs in 38-24 win vs. Kent State

Ohio State RB Carlos Hyde: 26 rushes, 168 yards, three TDs, plus four catches for 36 yards in 40-30 win vs. Northwestern

Stanford kick returner Ty Montgomery: 290 all-purpose yards (including 204 yards on four kick returns), two total scores in 31-28 win vs. Washington

Penn State WR Allen Robinson: 12 catches, 173 yards, two TDs in 44-24 loss to Indiana

SMU QB Garrett Gilbert: 45-of-70, 484 yards, seven total TDs in SMU's 55-52 triple-OT loss to Rutgers, plus an amazing two-point conversion to send the game to overtime:

Nebraska RB Ameer Abdullah20 rushes, 225 yards, two TDs in 39-19 win vs. Illinois

Alabama QB AJ McCarron15-of-16, 166 yards, four TDs in 45-3 win vs. Georgia State

Toledo RB David Fluellen23 rushes, 220 yards, four TDs in 47-20 win vs. Western Michigan

Clemson QB Tajh Boyd20-of-27, 455 yards (16.9 yards per attempt), five TDs, two INTs in 49-14 win vs. Syracuse

Wake Forest WR Michael Campanaro: 12 catches,153 yards, two TDs in 28-13 win vs. NC State

Fresno State QB Derek Carr37-of-48, 419 yards, five TDs, one INT in 61-14 win vs. Idaho

Oregon QB Marcus Mariota16-of-27, 355 yards, 43 rush yards, seven TDs

Ohio State CB Bradley Roby: Blocked punt and a touchdown on the same play

Ball State RB Jahwan Edwards24 rushes, 155 yards, three TDs

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