By Zac Ellis
October 14, 2013

Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long has been named the chair of the first College Football Playoff selection committee, the playoff announced on Monday.

Long and College Football Playoff executive director Bill Hancock will serve as spokesmen for the committee. The Arkansas athletic director will also be responsible for running the committee's meetings and dictating its agenda.

In a statement, Hancock said Long is a respected name in the college football community.

“Jeff has vast experience in college football,” said Hancock. “People in intercollegiate athletics hold him in high regard. He is known for his insight, intelligence, wisdom, wit, judgment and calm demeanor. He’ll make a great chairman.”

Long said he is excited for the committee to get to work.

“I’m very humbled and honored to serve as the first chairman of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee,” said Long. “There is no doubt our task will be challenging. However, I am confident in the committee members’ ability to determine the four best teams in college football. I look forward to getting to work.”

The committee will select the four teams to participate in the upcoming College Football Playoff. The playoff is set to kick off after the 2014 season, and the members of the 13-member committee will be officially unveiled on Wednesday of this week.

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