By Martin Rickman
October 16, 2013

Steve Spurrier; G.A. Mangus Steve Spurrier (left) and G.A. Mangus would like to wish you a merry midseason. (The State/MCT/Getty Images)

Just like college itself, football season flies by. Sure, we've had lots of good times. But by the time the PowerPoint presentation filled with photos and set to the soundtrack of Vitamin C and Green Day is over, we'll all be crying and high-fiving. We're officially at the halfway point of the 2013 season; if we don't stop to reflect on everything that's happened so far, it'll be Belk Bowl time before we know it.

If you're looking for the additional midseason coverage, check out's Crystal Ball staff predictionspodcast roundtableHalfway HeismanAndy Awards and more. But this is Between The Hashes, where we celebrate more than just yards and standings.

Let's get into it.

Best fans

This category is for those who stay up all night to secure a spot up front for College GameDay. It's for those who build a drink-serving R2D2 painted in LSU colors. And it's for those who just cheer their fans on, week in and week out. Hashes would be remiss to start off its midseason awards honoring anyone else.

3. Roll Damn Stormtrooper

2. Only in Madison

1. This guy

Best quotes

We'll exclude Les Miles from this section because he has his own category below. But other coaches, fans, players and former players were very quotable in the first half of the season.

3. HBC

2. Three first names

1. Just answer the question, coach

Best of Les

There easily could be 10-plus moments here for The Hat, but we'll keep it to three, and please feel free to peruse prior editions of Hashes or your local Google machine for more. Also, read this profile by Brett Michael Dykes for the New York Times. Here are my three favorite things Miles has done or said this season, but feel free to add your own in the comments.

3. Hammers and nails and competitive hammers and competitive nails

2. Les and the Big Aristotle

1. Always be exploring

Top #weirdfootball moments

3. The Texas fumble/not fumble(s) near the goal line against Iowa State that prompted this Paul Rhoads tirade

2. The end of that Wisconsin-Arizona State game

1. Berzerk with Brent and Herbie

Upon repeated viewings, the best part of this clip is still Brent asking Eminem if the Lions will cover a spread of 4.5.

Top DAT Tweets

They're all great in their own way, whether they're inspirational, informative, playful or supportive. Keep in mind, this category is only for the first half of this season, so SEEN A DEER and other hall of fame tweets from the past are ineligible. Also, I have left out Instagram pics, although there are plenty with animals to choose from, including ones with his gecko named Gucci and his dogs.






Neatest mascot and mascot-related accessory moments

We here at Campus Union love animals and mascots. That's why we created the UGA I – UGA VIII Memorial Mascot Award. Here are the three best moments from this season to date.

3. And she gon' shake it, like a Puddles, li-li-li-li-like a Puddles

IT'S SATURDAY. on Twitpic

(Via SB Nation)

2. Earn your stripes


Top questionable qoaching coaching qalls calls

Coaching is harder than it looks.

3. Western Michigan hasn't had many chances to row the boat, but that hasn't stopped P.J. Fleck from being one of the most interesting coaches in college football.

2. That time North Carolina ended up having to kick to start both halves because the Tar Heels messed up the coin toss. (The Middle Tennessee game was UNC's only win to this point, so maybe this is a strategy the Heels should employ more often.)

1. Kansas coach Charlie Weis calling for a fake punt on his own 17-yard line.

Midseason Ricky Dobbs All-Stars

As a reminder, the Ricky Dobbs All-Stars are performers with tantalizing stat lines who are just extremely fun to watch outside of team performance, context, record or anything else. (For example, Army running back Terry Baggett's 304 rushing yards against Eastern Michigan.) This top-five list is based on players who are putting up crazy numbers. This is not meant to be college's best players, or guys up for awards of any kind. It's super subjective and basically as unscientific as possible.

Oregon State quarterback Sean Mannion194-of-289, 2,511 passing yards, 25 TD, 3 INT

 Western Kentucky running back Antonio Andrews: 1,036 rushing yards, 10 TD; 207 receiving yards (through Week 8 since the Hilltoppers played on Tuesday night)

Toledo running back David Fluellen846 rushing yards, 9 TD; 182 receiving yards

Baylor wide receiver Antwan Goodley25 catches, 669 yards, 6 TD

Ball State wide receiver Willie Snead51 catches, 867 yards, 7 TD

BONUS +1 Stanford wide receiver Ty Montgomery:  

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