By Martin Rickman
October 27, 2013

Puddles Puddles can be seen here in his natural element, wearing the latest in Duck fashion. (Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images)

Each week, Campus Union will delve into the fun, the weird and the wacky of college football with a series called Between The Hashes. It’s a way to decompress from the madness of the week, and to find a few things that you might have missed.

The weather is cooling down and we're charging through the second half of the regular season. Next Saturday's slate of games will be the first in November, and before we know it, Thanksgiving will have come and gone. Rather than bombard you with stuffing and turkey puns, there's no time to waste. Here's the best from around the nation in Week 9.

Let's hear it for the band

The Ohio State marching band didn't make the cut last week, but it was on the fringe with a pretty great moon-walking tribute to Michael Jackson. But there is no ignoring their movie-themed routine this week, which included some precise marching, boats and a giant dinosaur. Those Ohioans take their bands (and movies) seriously.

We also can't forget to mention Florida State's stirring hat tip to former coach Bobby Bowden.

Play of the week

Pretty nifty one-handed catch by Ball State' s Willie Snead, one of the best receivers in the nation, to put the Cardinals up on Akron early.

(Via @BubbaProg)

Miami linebacker Denzel Perryman absolutely leveled Wake Forest's Dominique Gibson with one of the best form tackles you'll see all year:

But the play of the week goes to Oregon for its fake punt inside its own 24-yard line. It was almost like a glitch in the video; the play started and the runner was already 30 yards downfield.

Practice makes perfect

While Missouri couldn't pull out a win against South Carolina on Saturday, it wasn't for lack of practice in the locker room. Tigers defensive end Michael Sam is one of the best players in the nation, so it's no surprise he can easily shed a rolling garbage can blocker.

Cam, take a bow

Earlier this week, the nation was introduced to Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel after a photo circulated in which he basically struck a model pose despite being tackled and losing his helmet. It was one of those serendipitous sports moments that couldn't be recreated in 100 tries. McDaniel got an interview on the NBC's Today, and he cracked a joke about the picture on Twitter.

Quote of the week

Another week with so many options. Steve Spurrier's postgame comment that his team "stunk it up just about the whole game" didn't even get an honorable mention. That's partially because Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy had some surprising analysis about Iowa State's defense.

Still, the award goes to Minnesota interim coach Tracy Claeys, who had a unique way of describing his team's play in Saturday's 34-23 win over Nebraska.

(Via Chris Long)

Les Miles Honorary Coaching Decision of the Week

Rice coach David Bailiff found a way to work scout-team player Jayson Carter into the Owls' 45-7 win over UTEP. The 4-foot-9 runner got his first collegiate carry, and it was great.

The Memorial UGA I – UGA VIII Mascot Award

Animals and mascots were everywhere in Week 9. Maybe it was because Halloween is just a few days away, or maybe it was because Mercury is in retrograde, but things were even weirder than usual. Goldy the Gopher was in the spirit with his costume.

And some Gophers fans dressed like penguins for some reason.

DANCING PENGUIN PEOPLE in Minnesota!  on Twitpic

(Via SB Nation)

Someone thought it'd be a good idea to make a giant inflatable Terrapin thing. Talk about B1G.

Western Kentucky might be sending a message to Big Red just so he doesn't get complacent.

But the winner this week is Iowa's homage to Breaking Bad (although Oregon's Puddles wore a giant hat and crowd-surfed.)

The Ricky Dobbs All-Stars

A sampling of some of the more exciting performers in Week 9.

BYU QB Taysom Hill27-of-41, 339 passing yards, 3 TD; 69 rushing yards, 1 TD in 37-20 win over Boise State

UCF QB Blake Bortles: 20-of-24, 286 passing yards, 4 TD; 1 rushing TD in 62-17 win over UConn

Ball State QB Keith Wenning25-of-35, 240 passing yards, 5 TD in 42-24 win over Akron

Houston QB John O’Korn: 24-of-30, 364 passing yards, 5 TD in 49-14 win over Rutgers

Oklahoma State RB Desmond Roland219 rushing yards, 4 TD in 58-27 win over Iowa State

Virginia Tech CB Kendall Fuller: 3 INT in 13-10 loss to Duke

NIU QB Jordan Lynch16-of-20, 223 passing yards, 4 TD; 99 rushing yards, 1 TD; 1 receiving TD in 59-20 win over Eastern Michigan

SMU QB Garrett Gilbert37-of-53, 538 passing yards, 4 TD; 97 rushing yards, 2 TD in 59-49 win over Temple

Oklahoma WR Jalen Saunders: 6 catches, 153 receiving yards, 2 TD in 38-30 win over Texas Tech

Notre Dame QB Tommy Rees17-of-22, 284 passing yards, 5 TD in 45-10 win over Air Force

Baylor QB Bryce Petty20-of-32, 430 passing yards, 3 TD; 22 rushing yards, 1 TD in 59-14 win over Kansas

Oregon RB Byron Marshall: 133 rushing yards, 2 TD; 23 receiving yards in 42-14 win over UCLA

Washington RB Bishop Sankey241 rushing yards, 2 TD in 41-17 win over Cal

Western Connecticut RB Octavias McKoy: Worcester State

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