By Martin Rickman
November 05, 2013

ESPN's Kaylee Hartung was treated to a ride along with LSU coach Les Miles as part of an "All Access" piece, and it's no surprise coach Miles drives a bit like how he coaches. I'm not sure what the liability laws are like on these sorts of packages, but we can all be thankful Les wasn't flying a plane in the video.

Hartung had to remind him to buckle up at the beginning of the drive, and at one point Miles ran a red light, to which the coach replied, "You didn't notice that it changed. I anticipated the change." So there you have it. Les Miles is like a precog from Minority Report, capable of seeing the future, or at least the future of traffic lights.

That explains why Miles calls mysterious time outs and has his own style of clock management. He's merely anticipating what others cannot.

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