By Martin Rickman
November 05, 2013

The MAC refs in the Ohio vs. Buffalo game are not having the best night. The first half was filled with flags and a couple questionable calls -- including a forced fumble by Buffalo linebacker Khalil Mack that was upheld -- and the second half didn't start out so great either.

Early in the third quarter, Mack was chasing down Bobcats quarterback Tyler Tettleton, and Tettleton threw the ball away but it did not reach the line of scrimmage. He was called for intentional grounding. It was ruled a safety, even though Tettleton threw the ball around the four-yard line. After review, it was determined the play was not reviewable because of, well, football rules.

Safe to say this isn't exactly the #MACtion everyone had in mind when we opened up Tuesday night's fun.

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