By Martin Rickman
November 07, 2013

Rick Neuheisel captured America's hearts with his song about Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, and the former UCLA coach is back with an encore on The Dan Patrick Show. He put on his best Weird Al hat for a stirring rendition of "Born In The SEC" and because you're all friends, I decided to write out the lyrics. Everybody needs a hobby. Neuheisel's is singing parody songs. Mine is transcribing them.

Born in the SEC, they were born in the SEC

Don't make 'em think about it logically

They were born in the SEC

I grew up loving the Crimson Tide

Shed a tear the day Bear died

Sure am loving coach Nicky's ride

I like my football southern fried

Yeah, Born in the SEC

Born in the SEC

Mike Slive's like God to me

I was born in the SEC

My daddy's daddy well he loved his Dawgs

My momma's family used to call them hogs

My baby sister thinks we all hate her

She thinks it's great to be a Florida Gator

We were born in the SEC

Born in the SEC

The Manning boys and their dad Archie (I originally heard this as 'are Gs,' which I kind of prefer)

They were born in the SEC

The ACC can't play no D

The Big Ten and 12 are wannabes

The Pac-12 is just late-night TV

We've got more crystal than Tiffany's

Born in the SEC

We've got the Grove and the Hotty Toddy

We've got the real Death Valley

Can I get a little more cowbell, please?

We were born in the SEC

How 'bout the checkerboards of Tennessee

We've even got our own USC

We bought the Aggies and Missouri

Born in the SEC

In Toomer's Corner, we'll throw TP

For the smart kids, we have Vandy

When it's hoops season, we've got Kentucky

Born in the SEC

Born in the SEC

We just need more love from our man DP (Dan Patrick)

'Cuz we're born in the SEC

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