By Martin Rickman
November 12, 2013

Evan SpencerEvan Spencer (6) joked that Ohio State would 'wipe the field' with other top teams.  (Diamond Images/Getty Images)

On Monday, Ohio State wide receiver Evan Spencer joked that the Buckeyes would "wipe the field" with the nation's other top teams. On Tuesday, Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer announced that the junior will not speak with the media for a "long, long time."

Spencer backtracked and explained his comments through a series of tweets on Monday evening, saying he was "having fun" and "did not mean to disrespect any FB team." However, many local and national media outlets had already picked up the remarks by then.

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"I'm very disappointed. I can't stand that," Meyer said Tuesday on the weekly Big Ten coaches teleconference. … "He certainly is not the spokesman for our team. As a result, Evan won't talk to the media for a long, long time.

"You don't do that. That's not good sportsmanship and that's not what we expect. I understand he's a young man and made a minor mistake, but we just don't do that. You talk about your teammates, talk about the team and move on."

The video of Spencer's comments is below:

Ohio State clearly wants to make its case as one of the nation's top-two teams, as the Buckeyes currently sit behind Alabama and Florida State in the BCS standings. But this probably wasn't the best way to do it, even if Spencer's original comments were intended to be a joke. That's the danger of repeatedly being asked the same question and giving a party-line answer; eventually, someone is going to respond with something other than coachspeak.

It's not like this is the first time a gag order has been placed on a college athlete. Remember, reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel didn't speak with the media for the vast majority of his redshirt freshman season. (Many coaches have policies that prohibit freshmen from speaking to reporters.) Still, Meyer's comments following Spencer's remarks are particularly strongly worded.

"red team."

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