By Martin Rickman
November 16, 2013

Bill Cubit, Tim Beckman, not exactly seeing eye to eye right ... on Twitpic

(via @lukezim)

Illinois head coach Tim Beckman and offensive coordinator Bill Cubit got into a heated exchange following a disastrous play in Saturday's game against Ohio State. Trailing 35-21 late in the third quarter, Fighting Illini quarterback Reilly O'Toole fumbled in the end zone, which resulted in a safety. Things aren't going super great for Illinois lately: The Illini haven't won a Big Ten game since Oct. 8, 2011, and there was that target="_blank">whole Cliff Alexander decision on the basketball side of things.

It's hardly surprising for emotions to flare up a bit, but fans and players don't often see a head coach nearly come to blows with his offensive coordinator on the sideline. Naturally, the internet reacted.

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