By Martin Rickman
November 21, 2013

Julie Hermann Rutgers AD Julie Hermann claims she spoke to someone other than Jevon Tyree's father. (Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The Jevon Tyree bullying incident at Rutgers has moved way beyond the he-said, she-said stages. At a meeting between Rutgers athletic director Julie Hermann and the Tyree family, Hermann backtracked on her previous statement that she spoke with Jevon's father, Mark Tyree. Instead, Hermann claims the person she talked to was someone else.


At the same time, he said it was important for the family to clear up the issue over whether Hermann had spoken to the father -- after a week in which the family vigorously denied the athletic director's assertions she had spoken with them after the incident.

After the meeting, Soaries said Hermann "now believes she had never spoken to the father. And the father and mother (believe) it is in the realm of possibility someone represented himself as the father" and called her office.

The meeting was moderated by Rev. DeForest Soaries Jr. at the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens. Although's Susan K. Livio and Ted Sherman reported that no apologies were exchanged, they did note the meeting helped "close the gap" in the situation. Tyree, a defensive back, quit the Scarlet Knights after claiming he was verbally assaulted and threatened by Rutgers defensive coordinator Dave Cohen at an April study session.

released a statement

saying the matter was "resolved to [the Tyree's] satisfaction." Mark Tyree said he

never spoke

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