By Martin Rickman
December 18, 2013

Via Jorge Stevens

Lest we try and regale you with tales you've already heard about the Head Ball Coach, here's a new one: Steve Spurrier on Gatorade baths. On Wednesday, the South Carolina coach talked about getting his guys back for dousing him in the electrolyte-packed sports drink. He discussed his plans of revenge and coaching up guys on proper Gatorade etiquette.

"By the way I got [Kyle] Fleetwood back today," Spurrier said. "I got one of the two that hit me. The players got a big kick out of that too. He was on a knee during special teams. I got Fleetwood. I gotta get Kelcy Quarles. He's next in line. He's watching me everywhere I go now. It's going to be tough to get Kelcy. But I got one of the two."

"The players realize it's not all that funny to get hit with that thing. Have y'all ever been hit with one? It's not a lot of fun unless you're expecting it. If you're expecting it, you get your Gortex on, and 'alright hit me!' But when you're not, the other day they got me it came all the way down my visor, my hat, it took awhile to get out. That's okay. You notice some coaches say, 'you can hit me on the back, but don't hit my hair.' There's some of those out there. You've probably seen those coaches that don't get hit in the hair."

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