By Zac Ellis
December 23, 2013

Joe SouthwickBoise State QB Joe Southwick was sent home from the Hawaii Bowl last week. (Idaho Statesman/Getty Images)

Last week, Boise State suspended starting quarterback Joe Southwick and sent him home from Honululu as the team prepared to face Oregon State in the Hawaii Bowl. The Broncos said the suspension was for a violation of team rules. In an interview with Idaho television station KTVB on Sunday, Southwick revealed that he was sent home for urinating off a hotel balcony.

Southwick, however, says the incident never happened.

"I'm here to ... clear my name, clear the name of my parents," Southwick said. "People in the community hopefully realize I didn't do anything wrong and stop throwing my name in the mud."

Southwick told KTVB that, when he returned to the team hotel last Thursday night, he witnessed another player urinating off a balcony. He woke up the next morning to learn he'd been accused of the act and would be sent home.

Southwick said the situation was poorly handled by all parties.

"It just turned to finger pointing, and it ended up being three people against one person saying something, and I guess the temper tantrum of one person didn't look good and there was no investigation. This was an absolute rushed decision, probably made in about 20 minutes."

Southwick said he reached out to Boise State administrators after he was dropped off at the airport for his return flight, but he was unable to speak with anyone. KTVB likewise contacted the school for comment, but the Broncos have yet to respond to Southwick's side of the story.

The senior wants to clear his name.

"It's just really important for myself and my family to get this cleared up and show that really the decision makers in place had a rushed decision, there was no process to properly [adjudicate] what happened," Southwick said. "It's really disappointing that it came to this."
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