By Zac Ellis
January 29, 2014

Is Scott Shafer mad the temperature controls in the Carrier Dome got a degree off? Maybe. Is Scott Shafer mad that the temperature in the Carrier Dome was 68 degrees instead of 72? Maybe. (Mike Groll/AP)

scott-shafer-tweet-soft-nosed-southernersMuch of the South was hit with a major winter storm on Tuesday, and several interstates and major roads were rendered pretty much useless thanks to snow and ice. Only about two inches of snow hit the metro Atlanta area, but it was enough for many schools and businesses to shut down.

Well, Syracuse coach Scott Shafer thinks that Southerners need to man up. In a since-deleted tweet on Wednesday, Schafer trolled folks south of the Mason-Dixon Line by posting, "2 inches of snow, city and airport shutdown ATL #softnosed."

Naturally, many people responded to Shafer's tweet.

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