By Martin Rickman
February 24, 2014

Casey Pachall and TCU suffered through a tough 2013 season with four losses by a field goal or less.Casey Pachall and TCU suffered a frustrating 2013 season with four losses by a field goal or less. (LM Otero/AP)

The 2013 TCU season didn't go as well as planned. The Horned Frogs regressed from a 7-6 2012 campaign to finish 4-8 with just two Big 12 win and six total losses by 10 points or fewer. Offense was at a premium (TCU ranked 93rd in offensive S&P+ according to Football Outsiders), and injuries were prevalent.

Quarterback Casey Pachall, who recently graduated, was interviewed by Mac Engel of the Star-Telegram and had some choice words about how the year played out.

From Engel's blog on the Star-Telegram site:

"It's rough right now. There is zero leadership. Nobody wants to step up and take charge of anything. It's rough. That is why they have the stuff they did. I still love those guys. Maybe they made mistakes, everybody does. I'm not putting those people down at all. They are still my good friends. Things are going to happen and as a team they need somebody to step up."

Pachall also added, "It's one of those things where every now and then you may say something to a teammate, and it may make them mad, but when they sit down and think about it they know it was sincere," when asked about how a team that is lacking leadership finds it.

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