By Zac Ellis
March 04, 2014

Texas A&M's 2013 spring game drew a record crowd of 45,212.Texas A&M's 2013 Maroon and White Game drew a record crowd of 45,212. (Karen Warren/Houston Chronicle/AP)

Texas A&M is one of a handful of schools that won't participate in a spring game this season. Aggies coach Kevin Sumlin doesn't sound very upset about that.

Speaking with reporters on Monday, Sumlin said that while spring games may be important to fans, coaches and players don't gain much from what is really just a glorified scrimmage. (h/t

“For us, from a recruiting and national perception, like last year with the presentation and 50,000, that’s what you miss," Sumlin said. "From a coaching standpoint, we probably gain more from not splitting up the team. It used to be different, when you have 100-something guys and you could split a team up. We have a hard time keeping quality by splitting up.That’s why we go offense and defense. I know fans get tired of that, but it’s worthless to us when you have guys playing with starters and guys that are never going to play just to make two different teams. We’ll probably get more out of it, from a practice standpoint.”
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