By Tim Newcomb
March 13, 2014

Opened just 18 months ago, Allen High School's Eagle Stadium faces major structural problems with its concrete and steel work. Allen High School's 18-month-old Eagle Stadium faces major issues with its concrete and steel work. (LM Otero/AP)

Not only is Allen High School’s $60 million Eagle Stadium closed indefinitely, but now the less-than-two-year-old, 18,000-seat stadium may need at least a partial demolition and rebuild.

Eagle Stadium, built in Allen, Texas just over 30 miles north of Dallas, was closed last month after a forensic investigation from Nelson Forensics discovered cracks in the concrete structure, ranging anywhere from a quarter-inch to three-quarters of an inch wide.

More information released from that same report via a public records request by The Dallas Morning News says that not only was the immediate closure called for, but there remains a real possibility that poor concrete and steel work have combined to make the stadium unsuitable. And potentially the only retrofit possible, at least for portions of the largely concrete structure, will require sections of the 18-month-old structure to be ripped out and built new. Again.

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While PBK, the stadium’s architect, denies any problems with its design, Pogue Construction, the firm responsible for building the stadium for the defending Texas Class 5A Division I state champions, claims it will be part of the process of finding a solution.

Elsewhere in the full report, Nelson says water has made its way inside the floor joist system and the multiple locations show poorly cured concrete. Both errors weaken the strength and lifespan of the structure.

Nelson’s final report won’t release until June, so any repair plans aren’t imminent, leaving one of Texas’ best football teams without use of the state’s most expensive high school stadium.

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