By Zac Ellis
March 19, 2014

Florida State footballFlorida State offensive lineman Ira Denson was arrested on Tuesday. (Jeff Gammons/Getty Images)

Florida State offensive lineman Ira Denson was arrested on Tuesday and charged with illegal use of a credit card and petty theft, according to the Tallahassee Democrat. Denson allegedly stole the credit card of Florida State running back Delmarick "Mario" Pender. Court documents show that Pender told police his credit card was stolen from the team's locker room.

According to the Democrat, records show three separate purchases were made with the credit card on Dec. 19.

Pender said his card was used three times: once at a gas station for $5, another time at Champs for $134.36, and a third time at a Foot Locker for $362. Pender said all purchases occurred on Dec. 19, court documents said.

A surveillance video from the Champs location shows Denson, 18, and Shaquille Walden at the store.

Walden is not affiliated with the Florida State football program, the report states. The surveillance video shows Walden making the purchase at Champs, but Walden told police that Denson gave him Pender's card. Court documents say Denson later admitted he knew the card belonged to Pender, but Denson said he did not know where Walden acquired it.

The Democrat reports that a probable-cause statement shows Denson was injured at the time of the theft.

Denson, it says, was injured at the time and was only allowed to practice for a short time each day. Denson would leave practice early and go to the locker room before the other players, court documents said.

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