By Zac Ellis
April 01, 2014

Damore’ea Stringfellow will reportedly face three charges, all expected to be misdemeanors. Damore’ea Stringfellow (9) will reportedly face three charges, all expected to be misdemeanors. (Alex Gallardo/AP)

Washington wide receiver Damore’ea Stringfellow will be charged with three misdemeanors, but quarterback Cyler Miles will not be charged in connection to the two players' alleged involvement in assaults that occurred after the Super Bowl on Feb. 2, The Seattle Times reports.

Stringfellow is set to be charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault in the fourth degree and one count of malicious mischief, which is expected to also be a misdemeanor, according to the report. Sources told The Seattle Times that the King County Prosecutor's Office found no evidence of criminal behavior on the part of Miles.

Stringfellow allegedly assaulted a woman in the hours following the Seattle Seahawks' Super Bowl victory over the Denver Broncos.

The source identified Stringfellow as the suspect who allegedly grabbed a woman and broke her camera lens during a scuffle near a campus-area bonfire shortly after the Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory. In that incident, the female victim told police a man “had attempted to rip a video camera from her hands and then knocked her out.” If the damaged camera lens is valued at more than $700, Stringfellow would face a felony charge; if it’s less than $700, as expected, it would be a misdemeanor charge of malicious mischief.

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Stringfellow and Miles were both accused in a separate incident that allegedly occurred shortly after the first.

Stringfellow was also identified as the main suspect in an alleged assault during a second incident less than an hour later. The male victim in that incident told police that two men jumped out of a white sedan and asked the victim if he was a Seahawks fan. According to the police report, the victim said “something like, ‘Yeah of course, are you Broncos fans?’ ”

The suspects then “came at” the man and “started punching [him] in the face,” according to the police report. The man and a friend identified Stringfellow and Miles by looking at the UW football roster online.

On Monday the prosecutor's office told The Seattle Times in a statement that an official announcement of charges will be released soon. Both Stringfellow and Miles remain suspended from the Huskies' team.

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