By Zac Ellis
April 03, 2014

Florida State football Ex-FSU player Ira Denson is charged with accessory in connection to a shooting. (Jeff Gammons/Getty Images)

Former Florida State offensive lineman Ira Denson was charged as an accessory after the fact in connection to a shooting at a Tallahassee apartment complex last winter, according to WCTV. Denson was tied to a shooting of which Tarron Addison, 20, now faces an attempted murder charge.

Denson was dismissed from the Seminoles last month after being arrested on charges of illegal use of a credit card and petty theft. According to a Tallahassee Democrat report from March 7, Denson allegedly stole the credit card of Florida State teammate Mario Pender, who told Tallahassee police on Dec. 20 that Denson took the card. Pender went to Denson's apartment to retrieve his money on Dec. 22, but when Denson was not home, Pender took a pair of Denson's shoes as "collateral."

Per the report, Pender told police that he and Denson arranged an exchange at Seminole Ridge Apartments where Pender lived, and an altercation ensued. Pender's half-brother, Tim Pruitt, was also present.

Pender said he told Pruitt to give them the shoes so they would leave. After Pruitt placed the shoes in the car's trunk, the car backed out to leave and shots were fired.

Pender said he saw Addison point a chrome revolver out of the driver's side window and shoot three to four times in the direction of Pruitt and Pender. Pender said Pruitt started holding his head and saying he had been shot. A bullet had gone through Pruitt’s left ear and stopped behind his left eye, according to court documents.

Thursday's report from WCTV connected Denson and Addison prior to the alleged shooting.

Denson is now accused of being an accessory after the fact. Arrest reports show he texted with the accused triggerman Tarron Addison about a .357 before the shooting and gave him a ride back to Madison afterward.
According to the Orlando Sentinel

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