By Zac Ellis
May 20, 2014

Despite passing for 3,071 yards with 24 touchdowns last fall, UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley opted to pass on the 2014 NFL draft in order to return for his redshirt junior season. Now, he's doing more than getting ready for the upcoming campaign; he's also serving as a campus enforcer -- at least, according to a video put out by UCLA's Spring Sing event this week. Watch as Hundley and his "hype man," fullback Luke Gane, take down unsuspecting wrongdoers by hurling footballs at them.

A few random thoughts:

• Brett Hundley’s intro music is “Till I Collapse,” by Eminem featuring Nate Dogg. Want to feel old? Hundley was 8 years old when that song was first released.

• Throughout the video, Hundley fires footballs at students for A) riding a skateboard B) smoking a cigarette and C) declining to eat a banana. Hundley should really find something more productive to do with his time.

• Based on this audition tape, I’d say it’s highly unlikely that Hundley and Gane are cast for True Detective season two.

• Vitamin C’s “Graduation” is featured in this video. WHY UCLA, WHY?

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