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June 05, 2014

Ed O'Bannon Ed O'Bannon case against the NCAA could change the business model of major college sports. (Isaac Brekken/AP)

After years of build-up, the Ed O’Bannon v. the NCAA case is finally set to go to trial. U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken will preside over a bench trial in a courtroom in Oakland, Calif., starting on June 9, and the business model for major college athletics will be thoroughly evaluated.

So, who are the important figures to know as this case begins? Twelve of the major players are included in’s interactive table. Click on each box to learn more.

For more pretrial coverage of O’Bannon v. the NCAA, check out Michael McCann’s complete legal primer and Andy Staples’ breakdown of the truths and myths surrounding the case.

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NCAA witness list

• Britton Banowsky, Conference USA commissioner

• David Brandon, Michigan athletic director

• Mary Sue Coleman, Michigan president

• Jim Delany, Big Ten commissioner

• Michael Dennis, market research expert

• Diane Dickman, NCAA managing director of academic and membership affairs

• Mark Emmert, NCAA president

• James Heckman, economic expert

• Mark Hollis, Michigan State athletic director

• Jonathan LeCrone, Horizon League commissioner

• Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president of academic and membership affairs

• Mark Lewis, NCAA executive vice president for championships and alliances

• Bernard Muir, Stanford athletic director

• Harris Pastides, South Carolina president

• Todd Petr, NCAA managing director of research

• Neal Pilson, sports TV consultant and former CBS Sports president

• Christine Plonsky, Texas women's athletic director

• Daniel Rubinfeld, economic expert

• Greg Sankey, SEC executive associate commissioner

• Lauren Stiroh, economic expert

(List via's Jon Solomon)

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