ESPN Camera Issues During Alabama-Arkansas Game Result in Bizarre First Quarter Broadcast

ESPN's weather technical delay resulted in unmanned cameras and quite a unique viewing experience.
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The Alabama-Arkansas game kicked off without normal camera placement as lightning in the Fayetteville area caused a technical weather delay. 

Per company policy, the cameramen are not allowed man certain cameras due to safety concerns when there is lightning in the area, ESPN's Peter Burns explained. Cameramen perched atop Razorback Stadium were removed from their placement, resulting in limited views for ESPN's broadcast. 

Without the network's best camera angles, the broadcast featured some extremely far away football during the first quarter of play.

Here's what Alabama's first extra point attempt looked like on the broadcast:

Naturally, viewers were surprised by what they were watching.

Others enjoyed the odd experience:

By the end of the first quarter, the weather had cleared and ESPN regained full use of all of its cameras.