Of Course Nick Saban Wants to Recruit Game of Thrones' White Walkers

Adding these characters to the Crimson Tide would give Saban one heck of a team.
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Nick Saban has been all across the country recruiting the best prospects to Alabama this offseason, but there's one place he wishes he had gone: Westeros.

Yes, Westeros. Saban, who somehow has found the time to watch television in the midst of winning five national championships and bringing in the best recruiting class annually, believes certain characters on HBO's Game of Thrones could offer his Crimson Tide an added advantage on the roster.

The key players? White Walkers. 

"The White Walkers were the bad dudes, man," Saban said Wednesday on WJOX 94.5 FM's The Roundtable. "I mean, if we were recruiting, we would go north and try to recruit some of those guys.”

Alabama's lineup is scary enough already. Luckily for SEC foes, Saban's access to the Seven Kingdoms is limited to his television screen.

Saban hasn't only been focusing on the characters, though. The 13-year coach believes there are also some elements of the show that could be applied to the football field, ones he may consider adding to his motivational speeches in the future.

"Oh, I think there’s a lot of lessons to be learned in that," Saban said. "I know it’s a fictional-type show, but you sort of get attached to the characters and some of the perseverance that they go through and some of the things that they do because they are actually competing with all the sort of wars and things that go on. So it is kind of interesting."

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.