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Oklahoma Coach Lincoln Riley Takes Issue With Late Baylor FG: 'I Don't Agree With It'


The final seconds of No. 13 Baylor's 27–14 win over No. 8 Oklahoma featured plenty of pandemonium and confusion as officials attempted to clear thousands of fans from the field to get the game's final play in. From the perspective of Sooners coach Lincoln Riley, those waning moments became the source of frustration between the two head coaches.

Leading 24–14 with the end result in hand, Baylor coach Dave Aranda called a timeout with one second left in order to kick a field goal and increase the Bears's margin of victory to 13 points. That, combined with the Baylor fans storming the field prematurely, irked Riley after the game.

"I know why Dave tried to kick the field goal. I don't agree with it," Riley said, per ESPN's Dave Wilson. "And I still think above all else, there's a code of sportsmanship that I believe in. I wouldn't have done it. But that's his decision, that's his football team."

The reason for Aranda's decision is that one of the Big 12's tiebreaker procedures is margin of victory, which Aranda explained following the game. Baylor's victory keeps the Bears alive in the race to make the Big 12 title game. Saturday's win puts Baylor in third place behind Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, each with one loss.

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Riley also took issue with the officials not flagging Baylor after their fans stormed the field before the game had ended, citing concerns over his players's safety. He said he considered taking his team off the field for the game's final play before opting against it.

"How the officials don't enforce a 15-yard penalty when you probably got 5,000 people on the field is unbelievable to me," Riley said. "It is what it is. That's his decision. That's the officials' decision. I don't agree with it ... I just I don't believe this situation was handled well by a lot of people. Doing it with class is important to me. And at the end of the day, that's why we decided to bring 11 guys out even though deep down I damn sure didn't want to."

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