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Jim Harbaugh Explains How His Pants Caught on Fire vs. Penn State


There's always talk of coaches being on the hot seat, but this is perhaps a step too far.

Jim Harbaugh has cooled talk of his potential ousting from Michigan with an impressive 9–1 start, which included a comeback 21–17 win at Penn State on Saturday. The victory was not without its unique challenges, though, as Harbaugh's pants literally caught fire on the sideline.

Here's Harbaugh to explain what happened:

"All of the sudden, Daylen Baldwin says, 'Coach, your pants are on fire.' I go, 'Huh?' And he says, 'Your pants are on fire,'" Harbaugh explained. "And I looked down and was like, 'Oh my gosh, my pants are on fire.' I made a little coaching point to Daylen Baldwin: 'If somebody's on fire, man, maybe just get me out of the way or something, be a little more emphatic.'"

The seared slacks came as a result of a space heater, which charred quite a bit of material before being put out. Harbaugh, ever the professional, seemed to be relatively unfazed.

After three 10-win seasons in his first four years, Harbaugh led the Wolverines to a 9–4 record in 2019 before struggling to a 2–4 mark in 2020. He appears to have turned things around in 2021, led by a resurgent defense that ranks fourth nationally in points allowed per game (16.1) and seventh in total yards allowed (301.5).

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While the torched trousers are no longer usable, Harbaugh has no plans to get ride of what's left of them—they're from Lululemon, after all.

"Those are pretty expensive pants, those Lululemons," Harbaugh said. "I may just make them into short, because they burned down on the calves."

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