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Brady Quinn Was Not A Fan Of Matt Campbell's Viral Press Conference Response

Iowa State's Matt Campbell made waves on Tuesday after saying winning the Big 12 title was not a goal of his, and Brady Quinn seemed flabbergasted by his hot take. 

“I can’t believe he actually said that out loud," the former Notre Dame and Browns quarterback said on CBS Sports HQ on Wednesday. "We're not working for participation trophies. We're trying to win championships and win football games." 

Campbell eventually clarified in his answer, saying, "My goal has always been one thing, and that's to become the best version of ourselves we can become."

After finishing 9–3 and making an appearance in the Big 12 championship game a season ago, Iowa State is 6–4 and in fourth place in the Big 12, its latest loss to a Texas Tech squad with an interim head coach. 

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Quinn highlighted how being the best version of yourself "is something that I think everyone aspires to be in every way of their life." However, he added that teams want to be the best and to be that, one of the major steps is winning a conference title. 

"I have no idea what the thought process is behind saying that publicly the way he did," Quinn said. "... It’s got to be bad for recruiting, and you think about all the guys who came back. They have a few players that could've gotten drafted, could've left for the NFL. 

"They came back because they wanted to win the Big 12 championship. They wanted to have a shot at going to play for the College Football Playoff. When you start the season ranked No. 7, that's your goal."

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