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Auburn QB Bo Nix Accuses SEC Officials of Favoring Alabama

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix won't be playing in this year's Iron Bowl after suffering a season-ending ankle injury. But that doesn't mean he can't impact the game with a little bulletin board material.

Speaking as a guest on The Next Round show, Nix was asked about Alabama's 42-35 win over Arkansas on Saturday. He brought up some "controversial calls" that he felt were emblematic of how SEC officials call Alabama games on a consistent basis.

“Just few of those obviously controversial calls that were in that game raises some questions for sure—I guess, unless you’re an Alabama fan,” Nix said. “But that’s just part of the game. We’ve discussed it over and over and over. That’s not gonna change, no matter what happens.”

Nix declined to mention specific calls from the Arkansas game that he felt were suspect. For his career, he's 1-1 against Alabama, leading the Tigers to a 48-45 upset win over the Crimson Tide in 2019.

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Nix said that the questionable officiating is something that's "always" gone on in Alabama games. The Tide has won nine of the past 13 matchups in the rivalry.

“I think you can watch the game, and anybody unbiased would think that something is different," Nix said. "But it is what it is. It’s kind of how it’s always been, but that’s part of the game. And they have good players, you can’t take that away from them.”

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