10 interesting things Nick Saban said during the ESPN car wash

Courtesy of Alabama Athlertics

Christopher Walsh

Nick Saban made the rounds in Bristol, Conn., joining numerous ESPN shows during what the network describes as a "car wash" on Thursday.

One of the things that the Crimson Tide coach disclosed was that he didn't think Alabama was going to be able to land Julio Jones in the recruiting Class of 2008 because there were already numerous wide receivers on the roster. Plus, the Crimson Tide hadn’t established itself as a top-end program yet.

"I don't care," Saban said was his response. "I want to compete."

Here's 10 other things of note that the coach said:

1] On what Tua Tagovailoa would say is the one thing Saban gets on him the most about: "Take what the defense gives you."

2] Later on NFL Live: "Tua plays the best when he takes what the defense gives. I think any quarterback wants to make plays and I think we have some outstanding receivers who can make plays. So the instinct is let me get them the ball and let them make a play. But you have to take what the defense gives you, you cannot try and force things. Because when you force things as a quarterback, to me, that's when bad things happen. That's when you throw interceptions, that's when you don't take care of the ball, that's when you hurt the team. When Tua has done the first part of that the right way, he’s been phenomenal, and he's been phenomenal most of the time because he doesn't make a lot of mistakes.”

3] On the Clemson loss in the National Championship Game: "I think we all learned from that game, and I think we have a lot to prove going into this season."

4] Responding, numerous times, to critics who claimed Saban tried to blame the national title loss on his assistant coaches: "It's my responsibility."

5] On coaching staff turnover: "The staff is really doing well. I like the guys. It's important that you get character people with ability to communicate and develop relationships with players, as well as very knowledgable. Smart people, who fit in well with other people in the department. I think this group of coaches that we have have done that extremely well. When you have new coaches it brings new energy and enthusiasm to your staff, and I think that building relationships with players is really important in recruiting and it's really important in team chemistry. This group has done a really good job with that."

6] When asked about some of his press conference rants on the show First Take: “Sometimes I’m just trying to get a message across through the media to our team. When somebody asks me a question that gives me an opportunity to do that, I do it. It’s really to benefit our team.”

7] On if he has a good relationship with media: “Some people.”

8] On the possibility of someday being part of College GameDay: "I've done it a couple times, and I actually did enjoy it, I liked it. It was still like being a part of a team."

9] "I kind of have been encouraged by the leadership that we have on this team."

10] On if coaching was still fun: "Oh yeah. I love it. It's absolutely fun. Every season is like a new challenge. The way I look at it at this station in my career is every year is like taking a new job. You have a new team, different players have differing roles. Different leadership. Different coaches in some cases. How do you get all these people to sort of mesh together to have a successful team, and see if you can get it to play to it's full potential. It's very challenging. I actually love it and I love being part of a team."

Saban will appear on College Football Live at 3:30 p.m., and the Paul Finebaum Show between 2-6 p.m. This story will be updated if necessary.