5-star question: Which programs have the most elite players on the 2019 roster?

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Christopher Walsh

Alabama’s loss of reserve linebacker Eyabi Anoma is definitely going to hurt the Crimson Tide in 2019.

Not only was he the primary reserve player at a position where the Crimson Tide had a lot of injuries during recent seasons , but he was expected to be a major contributor in the pass rush.

Regardless, the former 5-star recruit may still be listed on Alabama’s roster just 48 hours before the Crimson Tide reports for training camp, he’s not enrolled or expected back.

Alabama still has 11 other players who were considered consensus 5-star recruits before they arrived, from Antonio Alfano down to Tua Tagovailoa (who barely squeezed in along with Georgia running back D’Andre Swift in 2017, per the 247Sports composite rankings). Incidentally, none of them are seniors.

That’s obviously a lot, but is only the third most in college football.

Of the 386 players who were rated to be 5-star recruits since 2008, 99 are still in college football (including Anoma).

Most 5-star players on active rosters

Georgia 14

Ohio State 12

Alabama 11

Clemson 7


Florida State 5

Oklahoma 5

Southern California 5

Penn State 4

Auburn 3

Michigan 3

Stanford 3

Tennessee 3

Texas 3

Ole Miss 2

Texas A&M 2


Arkansas 1

Iowa 1

Miami 1

Mississippi State 1

Notre Dame 1

Oregon 1

South Carolina 1

Wisconsin 1

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