Who's next to step up for Alabama? Look to Christian Barmore

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Christopher Walsh

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — The film never lies, but it may not always tell the truth, either. 

For example, everyone on the Alabama football team saw redshirt freshman Christian Barmore's sack dance during the Texas A&M game, and no one's sure what it was. 

"It looked like he didn't really know what he wanted to do for celebration," junior safety Xavier McKinney said. "But we knew he was gonna be pretty hype when he got it."

The sack was one of five for the Crimson Tide against then-No. 24 Texas A&M, but the first for Barmore. Consequently, he seemed to try and move in numerous different directions at once in celebration. 

"The kid, he was literally in tears," senior defensive lineman Raekwon Davis said. "It was fun to watch. Him get his first sack. He was excited about it."

When it comes to the second half of the regular season, Barmore has emerged as player Crimson Tide fans have latched on to as a favorite. 

Even though Alabama is already playing numerous freshmen, he's one of the players who can really make a difference down the stretch if he keeps improving. 

However, he needs to get better with his every-down play and sticking to his assignments. The powerful defensive lineman also needs to stop getting major penalties. He landed another one against the Aggies when his followthrough on trying to block a pass struck the quarterback in the head. 

"He’s a good pass rusher," Nick Saban said. "He gives us something inside that I think is very helpful in pass rush. It’s a role that we’ve been trying to sort of groom him for ... 

"He did a good job in the game, so we’ll try to continue to use some of that inside pass rush that he gives us to help us in the future."

Teammates say Barmore has the personality to match what everyone sees on the field, high-energy and with a great motor.

He's that way on the practice field as well.

"Athletic and explosive dude," redshirt junior Landon Dickerson said. "I really appreciate that, because in practice he’s going to bring it every play."

They say that everyone should also look forward to Barmore's first interviews. Freshmen are off-limits to reporters until Alabama's postseason games, but his personality is already extending beyond the locker room.

“He’s a goofy guy," redshirt junior linebacker Terrell Lewis said. "He’s a character.

"Whenever you see Barmore in the room, you know you’re bound to laugh.”

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He's a big and strong body that has the potential to wreak havoc for any offensive line. Hope to see some more big plays from him this season.


Coach Saban just unleash CB & the opposing teams will have to pay the price.