Coronavirus Has 2020 College Football Season, NCAA's Future Up In Air

Christopher Walsh

Said one administrator: "We’re all effed. There’s no other way to look at this, is there?"

As the coronavirus pandemic threatens the college football season, administrators and experts explain the options and why the current NCAA system could hang in the balance

If the coronavirus leads to a major downturn in the college football economy, then what? Sports Illustrated writers Ross Dellenger (@RossDellenger) and Pat Forde (@ByPatForde) sought answers for the far-reaching implications. They asked two dozen administrators and industry experts to answer four pressing college sports questions.

What they found was that the impact of the novel coronavirus to the NCAA's cash cow, football, could spell sweeping changes to the landscape of college athletics. 

The financial fallout of a shortened or canceled football season could be devastating for college athletics as as whole. 

"Football allows us to have these other sports."

With NCAA canceling all sports for the remaining school year, college football was saved by having its championship in January. However, with schools closed, and state officials still keeping bans on large gatherings, can college football see a push back on its September start date? 

"If they have to start football in a blizzard in January, they’re going to do it."

It's today's cover story on

SI Cover: Coronavirus vs. College Football
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Meanwhile, Coronavirus and Sports podcast tackles the issue as well: Why NCAA Needs College Football Back in Fall



Did you notice? 

• If you haven't seen Forde's ultra-sarcastic column ripping  Mike Gundy's approach to the coronavirus, we strongly recommend it.

Tom Brady did a super-long sit-down interview with Howard Stern, durning which he opened up about a lot things including leaving the Patriots, he skipped OTAs the past couple of years because of his wife Gisele, and the quarterback claimed he does not care about his legacy.

• According to a report, 88% of athletic directors support expanding the College Football Playoff.

The lighter side ...

Two-time NBA champion Ray Allen took to social media and shared how he is spending his time during the quarantine period. 

The Hall of Fame player posted a photo of himself balding. 

"! For those of you that don’t know I have cut my own hair my whole life," Allen said in his instagram post. "So it’s been hard not to put the clippers to it but when I look back at these pics I will remember Rona! Lol. " 

Allen went on to challenge LeBron James to post a picture of his current hairline. 

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Anthony Sisco
Anthony Sisco


Having a shortened season where the SEC only plays SEC teams would be interesting and would eliminate all those cupcake games. I’m for it!