Crimson Corner: How will the coronavirus impact Bryant-Denny Stadium?

Joey Blackwell takes a look at how stadium capacity could be affected this fall
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On May 26, Iowa State announced that they will be hosting no more than 30,000 fans at Jack Trice Stadium for their football games this fall. This includes 22,000 season-ticket holders as well as an additional 8,000 fans, bringing the total just shy of 50% stadium capacity.

If this sets a precedent for college football, then it raises a lot of questions for Alabama Athletics and Bryant-Denny Stadium. With season tickets having already been purchased by fans and with regular tickets more popular than ever, many questions rise up in how UA will handle the situation should they be pressured to limit capacity in their 101,821-seat stadium.

In the video above, BamaCentral's own Joey Blackwell takes a quick dive into the matter and discusses questions about what UA should do given the current situation as well as his personal take on the issue.