Crimson Tide Roll Call: July 17, 2019

Christopher Walsh

Today is …

National Hot Dog Day

Today's schedule

Alabama's turn at 2019 SEC Media Days officially begins at 9 a.m. Jerry Jeudy, Dylan Moses and Tua Tagovailoa will represent the Crimson Tide, with interviews lasting until noon. The entire event will be broadcast on the SEC Network

Countdown to the Crimson Tide’s 2019 opener

45 days

Did you notice?

• Steve Spurrier when asked at SEC media days about Florida’s biggest rivalry: "The Georgia rivalry is big, but if you want to win it all you've got to beat the big red elephant from Tuscaloosa."

• Archie Manning on the famous Alabama-Ole Miss game in 1969, when he threw for 504 yards but came out on the losing end, 33-32: “I’ve been to Birmingham a lot through the years, a lot of golf tournaments, a lot of friends and things, and everybody I see says, ‘I was there, I was there.’ Well you know, the best I can remember Legion Field didn’t have but 50 or 60,000 seats, and I’ve had 400 or 500,000 people tell me they were there that night. … The worst part about it was it was two weeks in a row (the Rebels lost). We were picked to win the conference, and we’d lost two conference games now and hadn’t played but three games.”

• Herschel Walker told the story again of how he flipped coins as a recruit and even drew names out of a bag to wind up at Georgia over Clemson and Southern Cal. At the time, he wanted to enter the military. "Sometimes when you're naive and stupid God will take care of you because that was the right decision.” He later lamented over never having a chance to face Alabama during his three seasons with the Bulldogs.

•  Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt on former Crimson Tide offensive lineman Brandon Kennedy: “Brandon is a guy that he started the first football game for us last year and unfortunately on Tuesday tore his ACL. And he's had several years there where he's unfortunately gotten hurt. Brandon's a guy that's worked extremely hard this offseason. We held him out of spring practice. He could have went during spring ball, but I felt like for him we needed to hold him out and make sure he's completely well before we put him out on the field.Brandon's a leader on our offensive line. Our players respect him. He's a guy that graduated, you know, in three years, has two years to play. So, we'll be happy to see him out there.

• Spurrier on what he remembers the most from South Carolina’s 2010 win over No. 1-ranked Alabama. “Memories. 35-21. Stephen Garcia had the game of his life, 17-of-20. Alshon Jeffery caught a couple of touchdowns. Marcus Lattimore ran for about 90-something yards – I think more than (Mark) Ingram and (Trent) Richardson – they didn’t run them very much that day fortunately. But anyway, it was one of those games, our guys played really well and Alabama didn’t have their best stuff that day. In fact, I think they tried a fake field goal that day, which wasn’t very smart. Sometimes, those fake punts and field goals come back to haunt you.”

On this date in Crimson Tide history:

July 17, 1956: Former Crimson Tide fullback Johnny Davis was born in Montgomery.

Crimson Tide quote of the day:

“Never quit. It is the easiest cop-out in the world. Set a goal and don’t quit until you attain it. When you do attain it, set another goal, and don’t quit until you reach it. Never quit.” – Paul W. “Bear” Bryant