Crimson Tide Roll Call: July 18, 2019

Courtesy Alabama Athletics

Christopher Walsh

Today is …

National Sour Candy Day

Countdown to the Crimson Tide’s 2019 opener

44 days

Did you notice?

• Nick Saban had an interesting comment to Paul Finebaum on the SEC Network and the coaching staff losing its focus late last season: “When the season started, I think we were great. When we won the LSU game, it just seemed like people’s own agendas starting to become more important. … We had a lot of guys who wanted to be head coaches at different places. It takes a special person to stay focused on what they have to do now when they have job somewhere else that’s awaiting them and they have a responsibility on staffs.”

• Speaking of Finebaum, he had a telling take after Crimson Tide linebacker Dylan Moses told reporters that he felt Alabama was still the better team despite losing to Clemson 44-16, which Tigers guard John Simpson to respond by saying that he thought Notre Dame was a better team than Alabama. "I'm not in the business of criticizing college players," Finebaum said, "but that is easily one of the stupidest comments I have ever heard.”

• Former Alabama baseball coach Mitch Gaspard is going back to Louisiana, joining the staff at Louisiana Tech.

• South Carolina coach Will Muschamp on his team’s upcoming game against the Crimson Tide: “As far as beating Alabama, you got to go beat Alabama. They are not going to beat themselves. They are very well-coached. They have really good players. They're going to attack you in all three phases. That's how you got to approach that game as far as beating that football team. Nick's doing a fantastic job. He's the best football coach in college football history. The consistency that he has maintained at Alabama is pretty phenomenal. In this league, it's very difficult. But you got to go beat Alabama. You can't hope and wish something's going to happen. You got to go beat them.”

• Saban: “Josh Jobe has made a tremendous amount of improvement and has matured very nicely, and we view him as a guy that is a potential starter and a guy that is playing in a way that, throughout the spring, that we have confidence that if he's a starter, we can —he can be very successful and we can be very successful with him playing corner for us.”

• Meanwhile, back on campus:

On this date in Crimson Tide history:

July 18, 2014: Having won four national titles, Nick Saban was asked how his legacy compares to Paul “Bear” Bryant’s at SEC media days. “I think Bear Bryant is probably the greatest coach in college football in terms of what he accomplished, what his legacy is. I think the biggest thing that impacts me is how many peoples' lives he affected in a positive way, players that played for him, because they all come back and say how he affected their life. They don't come back and say, We won a championship in '78, '79, '61, whenever it was. They come back and say how he affected their lives There's a lot of Bear Bryant stories that I've learned a lot from, that have made me a better person. I certainly appreciate that, have a tremendous amount of respect for what he accomplished. There's no way that we have done anything close to what he's done in terms of his consistency over time, how he changed what he did to impact the times. They threw the ball and won. They ran the wishbone and won. I mean, he changed tremendously to do what he needed to do to be successful. I don't think that it would be fair that anyone really be compared to what he was able to accomplish, the way he did it, and how he impacted other people.”

Crimson Tide quote of the day:

“I don’t see myself a celebrity, only when I come to things like this … I think it’s harder for that guy to say. It’s easy for me to say than for Coach Saban to say because if he tells you he’s not a celebrity, you know he’s lying.” —Tua Tagovailoa