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Alabama director of athletics Greg Byrne gave an update on the Alabama athletic department's plans for the fall during the Hey Coach! show on Thursday night.

"We are planning on full capacity," Byrne said during the radio show. "We're planning on having tailgating, all those different things. And at the same time, we still hope that people will do what they can to make it as safe as possible."

The two things that he addressed to make the environment safe: get vaccinated and stay home if you are sick. Byrne and the athletic department are leading by example when it comes to vaccinations. 

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"We're really proud as an athletic department, I said it wrong yesterday on Finebaum, not intentionally, but we're at 91.85 percent vaccinated as of a couple days ago," Byrne said. 

The athletic director also added that head football coach Nick Saban has been very vocal about his support of the vaccine and the football program is now at a 99.5 percent vaccination rate. Byrne tested positive for COVID last October and said he battled with it for about two months and did not want to have to deal with that again, so he went and got vaccinated as soon as he was eligible. 

"What we've tried to do is say, 'Hey, we're doing it,'" Byrne said. "We're setting an example. We're trying to lead."

Byrne said it will be back to normal procedures for fans entering the stadium (i.e. no masking, proof of vaccination, etc.), so it is important that fans stay home if they are experiencing any COVID symptoms. Right now, the university has an indoor mask mandate, so any sporting events inside like volleyball will still require masks until the university mandate expires.

"We're excited to get everybody together and certainly need everybody to if they're feeling poorly in any manner stay home from the game and protect everybody else," Byrne said.