Jim Mora Jr.: How are coaches and general managers preparing for the NFL draft?

The Mora Minute: Former head coach and Sports Illustrated analyst Jim Mora Jr. gives his latest take on everything in college football and the NFL heading into the 2021 draft
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It's crunch time for the 2021 NFL Draft, with teams beginning to finalize their draft boards. Otherwise, the final couple of weeks are always known for one thing especially: disinformation.   

Former NFL coach Jim Mora Jr. has been helping BamaCentral sort through it all, and with its coverage of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Until the draft kicks off on April 29, a Mora video segment will appear every day on BamaCentral+, and also as part of our weekly draft updates and Christopher Walsh's All Things CW notes column.

Yes, it's more Mora (sorry, couldn't resist), but the Sports Illustrated analyst has a wealth of information that he's sharing with the FanNation pro and college sites. We've asked him just about everything, and are happy to share it all with you. 

For example, when asked about what NFL coaches expect when selecting a Nick Saban-coached player from Alabama, Mora shot down the idea that Crimson Tide prospects are too beat up from their college careers to be successful in the pros.

"They’re physically tough players and they’re mentally tough. It’s not easy to play at Alabama, where you’re always in the spotlight," Mora said. "It’s not easy to play for a man like Nick Saban, who is so demanding in every single way and not just in football, but football, character and off-the-field things. I think Nick has done a tremendous job of taking care of his players and teaching them about life.

“When you get an Alabama player, he’s ready to go. He’s ready to play.”

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The is the fifth segment of the Minute Mora series. Make sure to come back and check out what the former coach says tomorrow on BamaCentral+.