The Most Important Coaches Right Now May Be The Ones Focussed On Mental Skills

Christopher Walsh

You may remember the story BamaCentral did last year on how Nick Saban was ahead of the curve in growing field of mental health.

Now, during a time of uncertainty, a lot of Major League Baseball teams are using mental-skill coaches as a key part of their comeback attempts to the playing fields. 

Mental-skills coaches had already become more prominent in baseball recently, elevating the importance of approaching the game from more than a physical standpoint. These coaches have been vital in uncertain times as players attempt to get their bodies and minds ready with no set timetable.

So how do you prepare players when you don’t know when or how they’ll be playing again?

"A lot of mental-skills coaches right now say that it's really kind of showing how that the skills that they would normally be teaching them, they can work just as well for life as they do for baseball," SI's Emma Baccilieri said in examining the question.

"Things like setting routines, meditating, being mindful, being really in touch with your emotions, and how you're feeling and processing uncertainty. All of that, that's the stuff that they've been taught in the context of baseball but right now, it's really for just about anyone. It's really powerful as a tool to kind of navigate the uncertainty that everyone's going through right now."

In an unprecedented time of stress and anxiety, MLB teams' most valuable coach is one whose focus is off the field, and they have their work cut out for them. 


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