Nick Saban has colorful way to describe 2010 South Carolina loss

Christopher Walsh

Here’s the transcript from Nick Saban being asked if he uses the 2010 South Carolina loss as motivation:

“What year are we in now? 2019? So most of our guys were in grade school when that happened. But what I remember from it is we got the lining kicked out of our britches. I don’t know if you know what that means, but that means you get your butt kicked so bad you got no seam in the back of your pants. So, yeah, I remember that, but I’ll ask the players today, When you were in sixth grade, do they remember? But we’ll see. And if they don’t remember it then I don’t know how it motivates them. But I know this is a tough place to play and we have a lot of respect for the team we’re playing. I think that the players on our team need to have the proper respect in terms of what they need to do to prepare to play a good team like this.”