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Patience Is A Virtue For Traeshon Holden

The junior wide talks about his growth over his time in Tuscaloosa.
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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. - Traeshon Holden is one of the older members in the Alabama wide receiver room. As a junior wide receiver, Holden has evolved into one of the leaders for the Crimson Tide along with being one of Bryce Young's main targets this season.

While Holden is producing in his new role, he used to feel his time was overdue, which sometimes resulted in Holden becoming impatient.

"It was long talks with my family. It’s just like thinking I’m ready," Holden said. "I knew at the time I grew I wasn’t ready for that moment. Seeing Smitty (referring to DeVonta Smith), the role he had, I’m glad I got to watch him just to see how to step into that role."

Holden has improved at being patient on the field, understanding his time will come.

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"That’s something I had to learn how to do," Holden said. "Just all aspects of the game. I feel like this May we had off was very great for me. I worked at home. I just waited my turn and just worked."

Holden also credits Bryce Young as someone he was able to talk things though with. He said it helped greatly in learning to stay patient.

"When we stayed together, I used to talk to him about all the things I felt like I was going through," Holden said. "He helped me a lot with that little process and everything else."

Now, as a leader on the Crimson Tide, Holden hopes to embody the same leadership to the younger players that his predecessors did for him.

"It was just like me in my freshman year with Smitty, Waddle, Metchie and all them. Just trying to carry what they did for me to them."