Quick hit: Nick Saban on who will be the defensive play-caller

Christopher Walsh

Here’s what Nick Saban had to say about Dylan Moses (knee) and the inside linebacker position during his press conference Wednesday evening:

“I'm going to say this about Dylan Moses and then I'm not going to say anything else about it. We love Dylan. He had a great camp. He was a great leader. He was a great signal caller on defense, and I guess I'm always the guy that has to make a decision as to whether we practice or we don't practice. If we practice, we have a chance to be good. If we don't practice, I don't see how we can get any execution. So there's risk-reward in everything that you do. I think it's a character check for Dylan in terms of the support that we want to give him and the adversity that he has to overcome. But it's also a character check for everybody on our team to be able to keep the faith, to respond to adversity the way they need to, to accept the challenge and to rise above the challenge. Support each other. Support young players that are going to have to play. And just kind of go from there. That's the only choice we have.

“We're excited about this team. I really like this team. I like the character of this team. These guys have worked hard, tried to do things the right way. We're looking forward to playing somebody and kind of seeing where we are. Tomorrow we'll have a chance to have one extra day to get some of the stuff we didn't get right today right tomorrow.”

Q: How do you keep injured players involved? “First of all we try to communicate with them. Dylan today, obviously, and all the players that get hurt. We have great support staff here. We have a great medical staff. They do a tremendous job keeping them involved in terms of what they do relative to rehab. We still like for guys to be involved in meetings if they can be to help support the other players. We're doing everything we can to stay in communication with them, to encourage them, to support them. Teammates, coaches, everybody in the organization.”

Who will call the defense? “Whoever's playing Mike linebacker. I mean we're going to have two freshmen playing as it is right now so that's whoever's playing Mike linebacker. We've got to work with them on it. They've been calling the defenses. They've been getting the signals with the twos, now they're going to have to move up and be able to get the communication with the ones.”