Watch: Tua Tagovailoa talks about Alabama's scrimmage

Alabama quarterback enjoyed playing without a practice script

Video only, we'll have more coverage from Tua Tagovailoa's session with reporters later ...

However, here's the transcript:

How did the scrimmage go for you and for the offense?

“I thought it went pretty well. There is always things that we can learn from knowing situational awareness, understanding about what to do while we are in the red zone, you know just little parts of the game that we can improve on as well as our two-minute drill.”

Anything in particular about what you liked?

“I liked that it wasn’t script. Practices are script and I feel that the defense matches are plays every time we go out there so it is a little hard for us to get open. But come time for the scrimmage, I mean there is no scripts. OC can call whatever, DC can call whatever so it is a lot better for us.”