Cary L. Clark

Chris stumped me partally on his 1961 media guide photo today. I knew no. 12 was the late Pat Trammell. I knew no. 73 was the late Billy Neighbors. I did NOT know who no. 32 was. I have been informed by long time friend Colin "Big C" MacGuire on live radio just now that 32 was Darwin Holt, who will be 80 later this month. Holt is not loved by Ga. Tech fans due to a brutal hit he delivered at Grant Field in Atlanta back in the day. Suffice it to say he will not be eating free at the legendary Varsity restaurant. Holt smashed Georgia Tech's Chick Graning in the face with his left elbow and forearm on what many deemed an unneccessary block. Hey. It's football. Today it would have been targeting, probably.



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