Crimson Corner: To the Fans of Alabama Baseball

Joey Blackwell

Alabama baseball coach Brad Bohannon had a lot to say about both how his team as well as his staff were affected by the cancellation of the 2020 college baseball season.

Bohannon also extended out a message of thanks to the fans for their continuous support during not only this season but also the past few years.

In the video above, Joey Blackwell discusses the highlights of his conversation with Bohannon.

Here is the full transcript of Bohannon's message:

“I got a lot to say to our fans. I’m so thankful with how positive and patient they’ve been up to this point. I think the media and the fans have been unbelievably patient and fair with us as we’ve been trying to rebuild our program and I hurt for them. We’ve got some folks that have been unwavering in their support and watched some bad baseball in the past and I hate it for them that they didn’t get to enjoy the fruits of our labor this spring.

"I can say this: I really feel comfortable saying the future is really really bright for our program and the best is yet to come. One thing that Greg Byrne told all of our head coaches is that as we’re moving forward sometimes we have to look at our situation from a community lens or from a global lens it kinda puts into perspective that we’re just a piece of a larger athletic department and from a global perspective that this is a much bigger issue than Alabama baseball as hard as that is [and] as important as it is to us and our fans. I just really appreciate everybody out there and how supportive they’ve been in the past and going forward the best is yet to come.”