Cary L. Clark

Here's a brief look at what I'm hearing special teams wise: PK: It's Reichard for PAT and FG tries. Bulovas may kick off, though. P: Also could be Reichard but DeLong is still in the race. Consistency is the key here. At times, DeLong still struggles w/ his drop. When he doesn't, he kicks it further. This is TBD re who starts vs.Duke. PR: Waddle KR: This is kind of a mystery. Candidates include B. Robinson (as blocker) and as primary returner it could be Ruggs, Diggs, Waddle, or even N. Harris. This is in the "wait till 8/31" category. The LS is of course Flether. Usually when Reichard kicks Tua holds but he is also working some w/ Mack Jones. When Bulovas kicks (if he does) Mack holds. Again, I think Bulovas will concentrate of kickoffs, though Reichard is pushing him there, too.