Cary L. Clark

Regarding yesterday's recruiting news of getting a four-star and losing (at least for now) a 3-star: Don't be concerned. Wright was likely being recruited as a strong safety, not LB, so expect Alabama to stay in close touch. At one point no one (myself included) thought Bama could or would catch Clemson for the 2020 top class. The Tigers are now in Saban's sights. Stay tuned.

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Christopher  Walsh
Christopher Walsh


We're going to have lots of site news coming up in the near future, including more details on the book “Decade of Dominance: How Alabama’s 10-year run was the greatest in college football history.” I did an all-nighter finishing the proofs Monday night/Tuesday morning, and it's about to go to the printer. We're really excited with how it came out.

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