Cary L. Clark

Some Tua quotes from Wednesday:

On his record-setting 2019 season: “The success that I had last year is just last year. We need to keep focusing on who we can be this year as far as a team, and we will go from there.” On things he can improve on: “I can become a much better quarterback in many aspects: How I watch film. Who I watch film with. When I watch film. How I work out. How I condition. Throwing. All these things that lead to me becoming a good quarterback or an even better quarterback. I’d even say with my dieting. Little things like that contribute. “It’s little things like showing up to breakfast, showing up to lunch. Whoever is in there, you go in and sit with them and build a relationship with them and when it comes time to go into the training room, even if I don’t have to do treatment, go in there and build more relationships with guys. Doing the little things like that, one, two at a time, you never know if you can affect them and make a difference with them and they can do the same to other people as well.” On the loss to Clemson in the National Championship: “Coming off of that loss from Clemson and then during my freshman year, we won the National Championship, I think they were both good. I know this sounds weird to lose, but when you win, it is a great feeling, and when you lose, it isn’t a great feeling. I think since we lost, it was a good experience for our team entirely, because a lot of us have come back and it is something that we don’t take for granted now. Winning isn’t something that you should take for granted.”
On his younger brother Taulia being at Alabama: “It’s fun. We kind of came to this thing where, on the field, it is business. He has to work, and I have to work, and everyone is working for a job. Everyone is working for a spot. But off the field, that is my brother and that is someone I have to take care of and love on him and if he needs anything, then I am going to be there for him. It’s kind of like there is a switch that goes on when we’re on the field, and there is a switch that goes off when we are off of the field.”
On what he has done to stay healthy for the coming season: “I am getting into the training room as much as possible. Whether I feel the need to do it or I don’t, I have been getting into the training room more than I think I could ever imagine, and I am not even hurt. When I was hurt, I was in there a lot, and now I am in there more.” On Texas A&M’s Kellen Mond’s self-proclamation as the SEC’s top quarterback: “Everyone has an opinion for themselves. Everyone can say whatever they want. That’s great and I have a tremendous amount of respect for Kellen. He’s been my friend. We’ve been hanging out at (quarterback guru) Steve Clarkson’s camp ever since I can remember. I don’t take anything away from him. He’s a great football player. If anyone else thinks they’re great, that’s good for them too. We just all have to go out and prove ourselves to everyone.”


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