Where does the latest SI NBA Mock Draft have Kira Lewis Jr. going?

Christopher Walsh

Lewis steadily helped himself this season and has an outside chance of sneaking into the lottery. If he’s on the board here, he’d be a strong option for Orlando as a long-term backcourt piece and potential starter who could theoretically play alongside (or take over for) Markelle Fultz. Still just 19 years old, Lewis has a good deal of upside and took a nice leap forward as a sophomore. Stylistically he’s still more scorer than floor general right now and has a lot left to learn, in addition to getting stronger. But Lewis’s impressive speed and bankable jumper have won a lot of people over, and he likely won’t fall too far if he makes it to the teens.

For the full mock draft: https://www.si.com/nba/2020/10/14/nba-mock-draft-projections-post-finals

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