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Alabama Crimson Tide's Depth Chart vs. Vanderbilt

The full depth chart for Alabama football was released ahead of the Crimson Tide's SEC season opener.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Although Nick Saban told reporters after the season-opening win against Utah State that they may never get a depth chart again, Alabama has kept releasing one ever since. 

Maybe next week ... 

The only thing even remotely close to a change on the depth chart was the removal of two younger players at the bottom of the tight ends, making the listing of the position group more in line with the rest of the offense (three players each). 

However, it will still be interesting to see who starts against Vanderbilt, especially on the offensive line and at cornerback. 

Alabama begins SEC this week and then could have a Top-10 showdown when it visits Arkansas. 

Alabama's official depth charts usually only go two-deep, with an "or" included here or there to get some extra names mentioned when the competition could be close or coaches have good options to consider.

Per tradition, we will throw in what Saban said before the 2018 opener against Louisville in Orlando:

"Just because you guys look at this depth chart, like 'OK, these guys are starters until something bad happens to them and they can't start anymore. Then the next guy gets a chance to play.' The next guy still has a chance to beat him out. The next guy is still competing. The next guy still wants to play. That kind of competition, I think, helps the other players play better. And helps you play better because you're more challenged.

"The worst thing you can have on your team is not have competition where guys think 'I've got this, I don't have to practice hard, I don't have to work hard, I don't have to prepare very well because I'm going to play no matter what happens.' So everybody is competing every day. We're competing every day to get better and to get everybody better. That's what we're doing. Regardless of what anybody says or thinks, that's why you play the games so that you have the opportunity to compete and see how you respond to competition. Whether you're a starter or not, the next guy up has an opportunity if he's proven that he can go in there and play winning football and get an opportunity if you're not doing your job, not taking ownership and being accountable, and you're prepared to go out there and play well. You owe that to the rest of your teammates. I owe that to every player on the team to play the best players and if a guy hasn't done that, then somebody else should play.

"So I think there's competition whether there's a depth chart or not, or whether we have a slash or not. So I know that's hard when you guys ... You believe the written word. You believe the written word, even though sometimes, I don't know if you can believe the written word that I read. From you."

Alabama Depth Chart for Texas



  1. Bryce Young (Jr.) 9
  2. Jalen Milroe (So.) 5
  3. Ty Simpson (Fr.) 15

Running Backs 

  1. Jahmyr Gibbs (Jr.) 1
  2. Jase McClellan (Jr.) 2, or Roydell Williams (Jr.) 5
  3. Trey Sanders (R-Jr.) 6

Wide Receiver (X)

  1. Jermaine Burton (Jr.) 3
  2. Tyler Harrell (Jr.) 8
  3. Isaiah Bond (Fr.) 17

Wide Receiver (Z)

  1. Traeshon Holden (Jr.) 11
  2. Ja'Corey Brooks (So.) 7
  3. Kendrick Law (Fr.) 19

Wide Receiver (H)

  1. Kobe Prentice (Fr.) 80
  2. Christian Leary (So.) 12
  3. Emmanuel Henderson (Fr.) 24

Tight Ends 

  1. Cameron Latu (Sr.) 81
  2. Robbie Ouzts (So.) 45
  3. Miles Kitselman (So.) 88

Left Tackle

  1. Tyler Steen (Gr.) 54
  2. Amari Kight (RSo.) 78

Left Guard 

  1. Kendall Randolph (GR)/TE 60
  2. Javion Cohen (Jr.) 70
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  1. Darrian Dalcourt (Sr.) 71
  2. Seth McLaughlin (Jr.) 56

Right Guard

  1. Emil Ekiyor Jr. (RSr.) 55
  2. Tyler Booker (Fr.) 52

Right Tackle

  1. JC Latham (So.) 76
  2. Damieon George (Jr.) 74


Defensive End 

  1. Tim Smith (Jr.) 50
  2. Jamil Burroughs (Jr.) 98
  3. Damon Payne (RFr.) 44

Defensive Tackle/Nose Guard 

  1. DJ Dale (Sr.) 94, or Jaheim Oatis (Fr.) 91
  2. Tim Keenan III (RFr.) 96

Defensive End 

  1. Byron Young (Jr.) 47
  2. Justin Eboigbe (Sr.) 92
  3. Jah-Marien Latham (Jr.) 93

End/Edge Linebacker (Jack) 

  1. Will Anderson Jr. (Jr.) 31
  2. Chris Braswell (Jr.) 41
  3. Keanu Koht (RFr.) 19

Strongside Linebacker (Sam)

  1. Dallas Turner (So.) 15
  2. Quandarrius Robinson (RFr.) 34 
  3. Jeremiah Alexander (Fr.) 35

Middle Linebacker (Mike)

  1. Henry To'oto'o (Sr.) 10
  2. Kendrick Blackshire (So.) 40

Weakside Linebacker (Will)

  1. Jaylen Moody (Gr.) 42
  2. Deontae Lawson (RFr.) 32
  3. Jihaad Campbell (Fr.) 30

Right Cornerback

  1. Kool-Aid McKinstry (So.) 1, or Eli Ricks (Jr.) 7

Left Cornerback

  1. Terrion Arnold (RFr.) 3, or Khyree Jackson (Sr.) 6
  2. Jahquez Robinson (RSo.) 23

Strong Safety 

  1. Jordan Battle (Jr.), 9 
  2. Malachi Moore (Jr.) 13, or Kristian Story (RSo.) 11

Free Safety 

  1. DeMarcco Hellams (Sr.) 2
  2. DeVonta Smith (RFr.) 8

Nickel (Star)/Dime (Money)

  1. Brian Branch (So.) 14
  2. Malachi Moore (Jr.) 13

Special Teams

  • PK:
    • Will Reichard (Sr.) 16
    • Jack Martin (Sr.) 95
  • HOLD: James Burnip (RSo.) 96
  • P:
    • James Burnip (RSo.) 96
    • Jack Martin (Sr.) 95
  • PR:
    • Kool-Aid McKinstry (So.) 1
    • Jermaine Burton (Jr.) 3/Brian Branch (Jr.) 14
  • KOR:
    • Ja'Corey Brooks (So.) 7/Jahmyr Gibbs (Jr.) 1
    • Jermaine Burton (Jr.) 3/Terrion Arnold (RFr.) 3
  • LS: Kneeland Hibbett (So.) 48

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