WATCH: ‘20 Alabama Commit Chris Braswell (OLB) Highlights and Evaluation


No cap, twitchy edge defenders have got to be the most entertaining players to watch on the football field. They’re literally too fast for their own good.

Chris Braswell (6'3 220, and still filling in) is (yet another) hyper-athletic edge defender coming out of Baltimore, Maryland

As Braswell I’m sure can attest to, getting in the backfield is never a straight line path, but when you’re as fast as he is, it’s close. Watching him flip hips and slip past the guard on his way to eat is like watching a pinball in a pinball machine

If you’re looking for Braswell, you can find him bouncing around between guards tackles, tight ends, and running backs, hosting a StripSackLunch party in the backfield. He’s inviting the squad too.

Let's take a look at what makes Chris Braswell so special


Athleticism - Not sure if his talents were fully taken advantage of at the defensive end position. Multiple times he dropped back and made a play in coverage. I took the liberty to refer to him as he should be referred to, an outside linebacker.

Get-off - Braswell was simply too fast for lineman at the high school level. His In particular, when he got a good jump and used his chop-dip&rip, there was nobody in his league that could stop him.

On a sidenote: check out this video about how St. Frances Academy's season was put on hold because nobody wanted their smoke.

Alabama is ranked 2nd by most national recruiting evaluators, behind the Dabo Swinney’s band of misfits

I wouldn't worry Bama fans, the tide will keep on rollin’ out defensive playmakers with legendary efficiency. No program has been better at player development, which is the other, more important half of the recruiting deal. What's the use in recruiting all these Bentley's if you can't put spinners on them... (who does that?)

Braswell will bring a true speed rush to a Bama defensive line less known for speed, more known for shall I say, “brute force”.