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I've never advocated firing a football coach at Arizona. Except Mackonut. That was well deserved.

So I'm not going to break tradition or call for a firing. Not because KS deserves more time, or more recruiting opps. Its a matter of a huge mistake on Robbins and Heeke's part and we're all paying for it now.

There are some things time cannot fix. Like knowing when to call a TO. Managing time. Like having a staff that is competent at getting the correct number of players on the field. Like having 2 weeks to instill some discipline so that your players don't act like punks when they've made a stop, or continually beating themselves with stupid penalties. Like having the brains to have a decent punter. Understanding the nuance of special teams play. Overall teaching your team not to beat itself.

In Sumlin's previous stops, like at TAM, he had more talented players, and those better players covered his obvious gaffes. At Houston he got enough talent from the local area, which is a rich hotbed of talent, and played in a lesser conference.

I'm not a hater. And frankly, my knowledge of football could fit easily in a thimble. BUT, even I can see that little things that should be automatic responses just aren't there with KS. I'll patiently wait this out, but bigger, better players might improve Arizona to 6-6, but getting those players is extremely unlikely for all the reasons, and more, cited above.

Better talent can cover a multitude of coaching sins. If we finish 4-8, it will be no surprise at all.

CC had defense playing with more passion, and holding Oregon to less than 40 was much better than I expected.

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Quality is not a goal, it is starting point. This team was firing on all cylinders when Rich Rod got canned. The fact that he could not pick up and improve where Rich Rod left off, is the very most disconcerting thing, IMO. Taking steps backwards in the basics; coaching competence, play calling, coaching turmoil...that is inexcusable, IMO. There is no time or recruiting that can solve this - Sumlin is a horrible fit.